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Your Weekly Schedule

You will want to take some time late in the week each week to sit down and review and adjust your schedule for the upcoming two weeks. In order to prepare a weekly schedule you will need a piece of paper large enough to make seven vertical columns and label each column with a day of the week at the top of each column. For each day of the week, start at the top of the column with 8:00am and continue down the column with hourly notations until you reach 11:00pm. The period from 11:00pm until 8:00am the next day is considered the time that is reserved for sleep, shower, dressing, breakfast and housekeeping chores.

If you prefer, you can purchase an appointment book with hours already printed. You may have to search to find one that includes evening hours and it is not necessary to incur the expense unless you choose to do so. Remember that you must have enough space beside or under each hour notation to enter the activity that will be accomplished during that time.

Once you have your blank schedule page made and have made a place at the top of the page to denote which week you are planning, you are ready to make copies of the blank page so that you have the schedule form available for future weeks when needed. You will want to make twenty or thirty copies and keep them in a folder so they are ready as needed to plan new weeks. If you prefer to make these forms on your computer, have at it. Just remember that you are going to want to print it out at some point so you can carry two weeks of schedule with you and make notations and changes as needed. You don't want to have to boot up your computer every time you need to check on your schedule.

Take the first blank page and put the date of the first week at the top of the page and fill in all the committed time periods for that week. That would be things like class periods, your part-time work schedule that week, fraternity meeting, choir practice and anything else to which you have committed. You can use a highlighter to make blocks of time stand out. So if you have a Chemistry Lab from 1:00pm to 3:00pm on Tuesday, you can write "Chem Lab" in the 1:00pm slot and draw an arrow down to the 3:00pm slot and then highlight that block to show that time is already spent. Continue to fill in all your activities that require your attendance for that week and then do the same thing for the next week. You will keep two weeks at a time so that you are always prepared for an upcoming week. When you have finished entering all of your committed time and have all of those periods highlighted, it will be easy to see the blank spaces of uncommitted time that remain. This is the time that you still have control over, that you can dispose of as you wish. This is where your additional study time, relaxing time and exercise time will come from.

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