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Your New Weekly Schedule

Now that you have your schedule down on paper, you will need to decide where you will keep it so that you have it with you for reference as you go through your day. Most students carry a book bag or computer with them. Find a notebook, perhaps with a pocket, or somewhere else where it will fit in your book bag or computer. Some students prefer to keep their schedule on their computer, but this takes away the advantage of being able to get a quick glance at it when you don't remember what you had scheduled for later on in the day. Keep it where you can refer to it and where it will not be destroyed.

With a newly created Weekly Schedule at your disposal you can start the week off with the confidence that you will navigate through the week in a much more efficient manner, making better use of your available time and implementing lifestyle changes that will help contribute to your well-being. It can be an encouraging experience.

You should be aware that this new schedule may bring you into contact with students you have not met before, or at least some with whom you have not had a lot of contact. You may end up making some new friends in the process. You may also tend to drift away from current friends. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Close to forty per cent of freshman students don't make the grade and are not around for a sophomore year. The choices that you have made to improve your learning skills and your grades will help you to be a survivor and to experience that sophomore year and beyond. There is no future in being attached to a group of friends that won't be around next year. Keep your priorities straight and your commitment to improve up front at all times. The rewards will come.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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