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What About Your Eyes

Most young people don't think about their eyes as long as they can see. If you are going to attempt to become a better student, your eyes are going to play a very important part in your success. It is important that they be functioning as they should. Generally, it is recommended that one have an eye examination every year or two. If you are wearing corrective lenses or contact lenses, it is a good idea to have your eyes checked every year during summer break so that you are ready for the demands of the new school year.

By definition, being a student requires a good bit of reading in high school and an enormous amount of reading in college. We acquire most of our knowledge from studying text books in our educational system. The written word is a means of communication laid out in lineal thought. That is to say that each sentence has a subject and a verb indicating some action upon or involving the subject. These thoughts are divided into paragraphs, each with a common topic. Thus, information is presented in a logical manner, and generally, as straightforward as possible. Your eyes are the tools that pick up that information from the page and transport it to the brain for processing. It is important that they be functioning flawlessly to aid your improving study skills.

Note: Less than optimum sight can result in tired eyes and headaches and a tendency to cut reading and study periods short.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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