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Using Flash Cards for Review

Flash cards can also be used very effectively in reviewing for upcoming exams. As you go through your notes on a regular basis, you can pick out areas that you need to review and imagine that you are the professor selecting questions for the exam. Find the areas that you think have a good chance of being on the exam and that you need to review more thoroughly and write questions on these topics. Take an index card and write a question on the front of the card and then turn the card over and write a detailed answer on that side of the card. Keep the questions short enough that a good answer will fit on the reverse side of the card, but use enough questions and cards to cover the topic you need to review.

Flashcard Study System

When you have covered that particular topic, go on to the next that you need to review. Place the finished cards in a deck and shuffle them. Then at your next study period, start through the deck of cards and try to answer each question in as much detail as you can. Turn the card over to check your answer. If you are satisfied with your answer, put the card at the back of the deck and go to the next one. If you miss the answer or are not satisfied with your answer stick the card into the middle of the deck somewhere so that it comes up again shortly. Continue this repetition as you can with each study period and add cards as you continue the review of your notes. This is an excellent way to get up to speed and ready for exams. You can do this for several different classes. Some students use different colored cards for different courses just to have some variety.

Do not dismiss the value of flash cards. They are one of the most efficient means of learning that you can use. Become a good student. Make flash cards a part of your regular study methods.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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