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Using Flash Cards for Memory Work

One excellent method for learning facts that need to be committed to memory is preparing and using flash cards. You can do this with regular 3x5 inch or 4x6 inch index cards. This method works extremely well for memorizing things like the Table of Elements, or specific dates and their corresponding events, or Constitutional Amendments or State capitals or any other specific type of information that must be committed to memory and can be brief enough to fit on an index card.

Preparing flash cards is very easy and can be done relatively quickly and is a good investment of study period time. As an example, if you are required to commit a series of specific dates and their events to memory, you would simply write the date on one side of the card and the corresponding event on the other side of the card; for instance, "1066" on one side of the card and "Norman invasion of England" on the other side of the card. Or, December 7, 1941 on one side of the card and "Attack on Pearl Harbor" on the other side of the card.

You can use flash cards to memorize laws of physical science, chemical compounds, biological classifications, famous author's works and many other kinds of information. Once you have the cards prepared, you will find that they are easy to carry with you and when you have a few extra minutes you can go over them. Reviewing them regularly takes a lot of the drudgery out of memorizing information and also helps to prevent last minute cramming.

If you have a buddy who is taking the same class and it is a class with a good bit of memorization, you may want to meet up with them and find a place where you can sit and quiz each other. If your friend has a set of cards they have prepared, you can take turns by holding up your cards one at a time for your buddy to answer and then reversing the process and have your friend hold up their cards for you to answer. This way you get to look at a different set of cards, some of which may not be included in the cards you made. Or you may want to just swap packs of cards for a day or two to take to your own study periods and go over on your own before returning them and getting your cards back.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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