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Unusual Anxiety Levels and Further Remedies

Maybe you are truly an Anxiety Ann or Andy and still have raggedy concerns about your anxiety levels. If so, consider the following points and take some action on those that seem appropriate. Defining some areas you can address diligently assures that you are just not an anxiety addict that enjoys wallowing in the anxiety you are able to create for yourself. If you truly are interested in reducing these levels, go back and review all of the areas presented earlier that deal with nutrition, exercise, sleep patterns and weekly schedules and see which of those you have addressed successfully and which may need some additional attention.

Other areas to consider are these:

  1. Have you got things in perspective? Do you know where you stand with regard to your current grade in the course? You may want to figure that out. A visit with the instructor could help if you can't do that yourself. Once you get that figured out, assume that you will perform as well as you have in the past or better from here on out in that class and see where that puts you at course end. Maybe you aren't as bad off as you thought you were. At least you should have a better idea of what is needed to improve the situation.
  2. Do you have the proper perspective on the upcoming exam? Do you know what it is worth as a percentage of your final grade? Maybe it is not a major part of your final grade and not worth all of the tension you insist on instilling within yourself.
  3. Using study preparation that includes writing your own test questions may help give you the confidence that you do know and understand the material. Since exams simply measure how much of the material you have absorbed and how well you understand it, you should understand that doing poorly on an exam is usually the result of ineffective study and learning methods and not an indication that you are a bad person or a reflection on your moral character. Loosen up. Just take responsibility for your preparation and see if anxiety lessens.
  4. It is absolutely true that negative thoughts are of no value just prior to exam time and during. Tell yourself repeatedly that you have studied well for this exam, that you have understood most of the class lecture content and reviewed it, and a good focus and concentration on the task at hand should give you decent results. No other way of thinking is of value as you approach your test.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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