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Tutors and Study Assistance

Some colleges have on-campus tutoring centers and some offer academic coaches to students who are struggling with academic adjustments. Make use of these facilities and helpers if you find yourself floundering and concerned. These services are usually provided by the college at no or little cost to the students. Making use of their services could vastly improve your performance levels.

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When starting a term which includes a course you know will be particularly challenging for you, check to see if the course will be providing a group study session separate from the normal class period. Many colleges offer this extra which is usually led by a student who has completed the course and done well or a graduate assistant. Taking part in this type of additional study period from the start of the term should make a considerable difference in how fast you are able to get a grasp on the concepts and material that you expected would be a problem. Be alert for these kinds of opportunities and take advantage of them when it makes sense to do so.

You also may want to investigate the possibility of taking an especially difficult course during the summer if you plan to stay in town for the summer. Some students elect to take a course at their local community college during the summer to get it out of the way and avoid having to take it while carrying a normal course load. Your Advisor and your parents may both have valuable input on the practicality of considering these types of options.

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