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The Study Environment

One of the things that you likely gave some thought to as you prepared your weekly study schedule was where you would be studying when you scheduled a one or two hour period between two classes. Where you choose to study is a serious matter that has a real effect on whether you get any meaningful study done or not. College dorm rooms, as an example, are a notoriously bad place to try to study. Distractions are everywhere. Temptations to abort study all together are there as well.

If you have scheduled a time for study, then you had best find a place to study that lends itself to that activity. You are looking for a place with few distractions that is relatively quiet, reasonably comfortable and free of temptation. Historically, a place like this has been a cubicle in the book stacks of the college library. However, a warm, pleasant day may start you thinking about finding a comfortable place outdoors and that is a fine option, as long as it is free of distraction, temptation and you can be reasonably comfortable. If you have a one hour study period scheduled before moving on to another class, you may want to consider finding a classroom in the same building as your upcoming class that is empty for the hour you are going to study. Many colleges have "reading rooms" in the student center or other locations that may have sofas and lounge furniture and even appropriate classical music playing in the background. If you find that you are able to concentrate in this type of environment, by all means use it.

The important thing to remember is that a study environment works best when it is only used for study. Attempting to read an assignment in front of a television set is not a good plan. Look for places that work for you where you know you are going to go for study purposes only and while there bear down and work hard. Then go on to other environments for your other activities. You will find that this practice puts you automatically into the study mindset and helps your concentration.

Also remember that you won't have the kind of concentration you want if you sit down to study when you are hungry, or if you choose to study in a place that is too hot or too cool to be comfortable. Some of your favorite loud rock music playing does not generally work well either. These are all forms of distraction and should be minimized before attempting to study.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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