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The Library of Congress System

Of course, Congress couldn't be expected to use a proven and effective system, so the federal government created a whole different means of classification. If the library you use does not use the Dewey system, it will most likely use the Library of Congress system. The Library of Congress system uses letters instead of numbers to designate the groupings.

A - General works (encyclopedias and the like)
B - Philosophy, Psychology and Religion
C - History and associated sciences like archeology
D - History General (other than American)
E - American history (General)
F - American history (local)
G - Geography/Anthropology
H - Social Sciences (sociology, business, economics)
J - Political Sciences
K - Law
L - Education
M - Music
N - Fine arts (Art and Architecture)
P - Language/Literature
Q - Sciences
R - Medicine
S - Agriculture
T - Technology
U - Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Bibliography/Library Science

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