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Seven Set in Stone Commandments on Research Papers

1. Instructors give directions for two reasons. One is to define exactly what they expect to see when you turn in a project. The second is to see if you can read and follow directions. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS EXACTLY!

2. One of the directions given is the date the paper is due. TURN EVERY PAPER IN ON TIME!

3. Part of learning that life isn't always fair is learning the part that if the Instructor or one of their aids loses your paper it's not their fault. ALWAYS KEEP A COPY OF EVERY PAPER YOU WRITE FOR YOUR FILES!

4. Understand that spelling and grammatical errors have no place in a written project that is to be handed in for a grade. NOT EVEN ONE ERROR. EVER!

5. Never do one hundred per cent of your research online. Learn how to do library research as well. LIBRARY TIME IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL!

6. Ink stains, finger prints, coffee stains and dried oatmeal should not show up on any page of your paper. You may want to marry the Instructor's daughter some day. Then what? THE PAPER YOU TURN IN SHOULD BE CLEAN AND FREE OF SMUDGES, STAINS AND WRINKLES.

7. Once you get your paper back with a grade on it and all those comments written in the margins and on the cover page review it and learn something from the comments. Whatever comments the Instructor takes the time and effort to make should be taken as a clue as to how to improve future papers. So next time you are ready to start writing, pull out some old projects and refresh yourself on what to be conscious of and where you made your mistakes in the past. NEVER THROW GRADED RESEARCH PAPERS AWAY. THEY BELONG IN YOUR FILES.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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