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Setting a Basic Goal...Very Basic!

As you progress, you will be targeting different aspects of your study routine and life habits. First, think about setting one overall goal. That goal is first of all to survive. Then master. Becoming a good student takes some time so don't think this is something that will happen in a week or two. That's why you have done all of the self-appraisal work. You want to be successful on this quest. Do it right. Determine to stick with it and gradually become better and better at studying and mastering the tips and systems included here that work for you. Survive first by getting started with the program and working hard at it. As you improve your study habits, you will see results start to come at an increasing rate and this realization that things are beginning to click should serve to motivate you to continue on the path you have selected.

Once we have set the initial goal of Survive, then Master, we can move on to set other goals. The additional goals that we set will have to do with managing our time and activities to provide us the chunks of time necessary to utilize study tips, techniques and to formulate new study habits. So the next goal we have is to come up with a plan that will accomplish that.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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