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Schedule?...What Schedule?

Perhaps the single biggest culprit contributing to poor study habits is the way a student chooses to use his/her available time. This simply means poor time management. Everyone has twenty-four hours available to them in any given day. Reasonably intelligent people understand that to preserve health and have efficient energy, they will need to average a good seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

For students, there are a certain number of hours each week that they must spend in class. That is to say, if they expect to ever be good students and get the kind of grades they desire, it is imperative that they spend the designated number of hours each week in class. The typical college student will carry a weekly class load of twelve to fifteen hours.

Some young people hold part-time jobs while attending school. Some actually work full-time jobs and go to school part-time. Whatever the case, class time and work time are chunks of time which generally are not options. They are chunks of time where you have committed yourself and they must carry a certain priority that demands your presence. Perhaps you have committed additional periods of time to activities that are important to you. It may be important to you that you are in church every week, you may be a member of a club or chorus or fraternity/sorority.

All of this is to help you understand that there are chunks of time during your week that you have given up out of each twenty-four hour day. You have made commitments that require your attention and/or attendance at these particular times in various locations. These chunks of time are "committed" and are now not available for rest and relaxation, individual study or anything else. You have given up control over these time periods. The next step in the process is to identify these committed chunks of time to see where they fall each week. This is the first step in putting together a plan.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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