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Reading Speed

You may be a fast or slow reader. Most people fall somewhere in between the two. The three components of reading are speed, comprehension and recall. To give you a better idea of what you can do to affect your improvement in these areas consider the following:

  1. Speed and Comprehension suffer when any of the following are present:
    • The need to mouth the words as you read
    • Letting your eyes follow your finger across the page or turning your head back and forth as you read.
    • Using pleasure reading style when you could be skimming or using a more appropriate style of reading for the material
    • Not having sufficient vocabulary for the material
  2. Increasing Your Reading Speed
    • Make sure that you are reading in an environment that allows concentration and focus on the material and make a conscious effort to do just that.
    • Try to pick up the main points. Don't concern yourself with every detail. Your goal is overall understanding. Don't get hung up on a single word unless that word is unknown to you and is important to the idea being presented. At that point a dictionary is called for.
    • It is always a good idea to continue to build your vocabulary as you progress as a student.
    • Chances are that if you are concerned about increasing your reading speed your reading speed is on the slow side. This is normal for people who are not in the habit of reading regularly. The more you read the faster and better you will become, so make it a point to try to read more often.
    • Try to avoid having to go back and read something again that you just read. Slow readers do this more than anyone else. Choose the right reading style for the material and try to get it the first time.

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