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Prepare a Plan for Completing Your Project and WORK YOUR PLAN!

1. Make a list of possible subjects for your project and do a little quick and dirty research on your final two or three to see which may be the most workable and have the best material available to study.

2. Select what your subject will be and get it approved, if necessary.

3. Complete the very time-consuming and often laborious task of gathering all of the data and researching all materials.

4. Get all of your research notes organized in a logical manner and work out a general outline of how your paper will flow.

5. Go back and research those parts of your outline that need beefing up and additional material to strengthen your report.

6. Sit down and work out a more detailed outline using all of your notes.

7. Now you are ready to write that first rough and dirty draft. Give it your best shot.

8. Writing the first draft may have brought to light other areas where additional research is needed to answer questions or give deeper insight. Do it now.

9. Write your second draft. It should be better than the first.

10. Prepare the Bibliography that will be at the end of your paper.

11. Proofread your paper and Bibliography and run it through the spell checker.

12. Find a literate friend or upper classman to proofread your paper for you.

13. Write your final long-awaited document.

14. Proofread your prized production one last time.

15. Walk proudly to class or the appropriate turn-in location and offer this fine document for grading. Walk away with a smile knowing that you have done something far better than you have ever done before.

16. Give yourself a reward.

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