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Other Things to Remember Online

  1. Not all sites are equal in quality. If you get into one that is skimpy and not well organized, get out.
  2. Do you assume what shows up on a site is true and accurate? Don't be na´ve. Some sites are well put together with good research. Others may have been done by lunatic orangutans. Hopefully, you will be able to see the difference. This is one reason it is not a good idea to do all of your research online. The research you do in the library should give you a good basis of what to expect online and should go a long way in confirming the accuracy of what you find online.
  3. Prepare to be brain-washed. Some sites are pushing an agenda. Some are selling information or memberships with their information. Some have unbiased information to offer with no other motives. Guess which ones are which.
  4. Some sites are just listings of other sites.
  5. Some sites charge for access and information. Be sure of the fees before you commit. If you have started your research early enough, perhaps you won't be desperate enough for information to have to pay for it online.

Online researching can be convenient and handy. It can also be boring and cumbersome. Always plan to spend some research time in a library. You will often find it more productive and meaningful time.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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