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Oh, But You Can!

If you cringe at the thought of having to give an oral report or any type of situation where you must talk to a group of people, you would be well advised to take an introductory Speech course. I know, I know. Why would you want to do that if you are scared to death to talk in front of people? It's sort of like getting back on the horse after you've fallen off. Well, no. Actually it's only like that in the sense that you are addressing your fears head-on and it is an excellent life lesson to learn. A friend of mine cowered at the thought of standing up before his peers in Speech class the first time and proceeded to deliver a very mediocre address of five minutes in length. His next one was a little better, but not by much. Gradually, he became much more comfortable in speaking before people and actually ended up making a good portion of his personal income after graduation by speaking before groups of people. He discovered he was quite good at it once he learned how to do it and how to prepare for it. Again, part of the reason you go to college is to become proficient at doing some things you didn't know you could ever do well.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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