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If you are currently in couch-potato physical condition with poor eating habits, take a look at how to change those habits. Making these kinds of changes requires mostly a resolve to do it. College students, in particular, generally partake of horribly inefficient foods and drinks to attempt to propel their bodies through each day. They typically consume vast amounts of junk foods, pizza, coffee and stimulants to keep themselves awake and moving. The sad news is that this type of intake just adds to the problem. While satisfying immediate hunger or thirst pangs foods like chips and dips and pretzels and cookies and candy bars do little to help the body develop stamina. Coffee and other stimulant drinks do little but increase the nervous energy. Improving one's diet goes hand-in-hand with conditioning in a quest for better academic results.

So the next assignment is to take a good look at what you have been putting into your body and see how closely that matches up to good nutritional guidelines. It may be possible to cut back on the quantity of product that is being ingested into your body and upgrade the quality to more nutritious offerings. You may want to start by making a commitment to have one balanced meal a day that includes protein and vegetables. Fruits make great snacks by themselves. So instead of chips and cookies between meals, try an apple, banana or orange. Make these changes on a conscious basis and gradually at first, as you discover what seems to work well for you and your schedule. Soon you will have formed new and better eating habits which will contribute to better conditioning, overall health and improved energy levels. If you can find foods that are good for you that you enjoy, you can gradually create a new way of eating for yourself that is not a "diet" but a grouping of foods you enjoy eating through the week and that work for your body and your schedule. There are numerous reference sources on "nutritious eating" that can give you choices and examples of the kinds of foods you can enjoy. Avoid looking for "diets". This isn't about going on a diet. This is about changing the way you eat and what you eat. It will require a bit of study and review in and of itself.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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