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Next Step...Review Draft Two, Do Bibliography and Print

Once you have completed draft number two you need to read it through a couple of times and look for spots you can improve. Make absolutely sure that all numbers used are correct, that all words are spelled correctly and all footnotes done correctly. Then start looking for instances where you may have used the same word over and over. Check a thesaurus for synonyms that might help you. Look at it every way you can to see what you can improve. Once you are happy with your draft, it's time to move on.

Your Bibliography should start on the next page following the end of your paper and should be numbered as the next page. Gather your Bibliography cards and go to work. Center your title at the top of the page. Type "Works Cited" in the using the same typeface as the rest of your paper. You will be listing your sources alphabetically by the author's last name. Assuming you have no author, use the first word in the title that is not an "A, An or The." Make the first line where the author's last name starts tight against the margin and any additional lines indented five spaces. Double space throughout the page.

Print out a copy of Draft Two and find someone you respect as being at least as literate as you to proofread your work. Print out another copy for yourself and go over it in detail again looking for misspelled words, improper punctuation and incomplete or poorly worded sentences. When you get your copy back from your proofreader, review his/her comments and suggestions and see if you agree. If they catch misspelled or improperly used words that you missed, correct them. If they have notes on an area or two that they had trouble understanding review it and see if you want to make a change in wording or whether you want to leave it as it is. You don't have to make all the changes they suggest, but you should consider them seriously.

Now it's time to give your paper a title. Keep it as concise as you can while still baiting the reader with an interesting subject. Once you have that task completed and are certain that all errors are addressed, print out your final draft, including a copy for yourself, put the original in a binder worthy of it and get it turned in on time. You're gonna love your grade!

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