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Moving Toward the Detailed Outline and the Written Work

First you will want to think of the main headings that will make up your outline. What are the major points that need to be made? You can then go back and fill in with sub-headings underneath these main headings in logical groupings. Once you have your outline pretty much complete, take a look at it to see if it communicates the things that you hoped your paper would say. Based on the outline, can you see the same conclusions appearing that you envisioned beforehand? Preparing a good outline will go a long way in enhancing your final written product. Writing is an extremely important factor in college success, so take the time to work your outline out carefully and completely and make sure it provides for all of the information and conclusions you want to present. Then you can set out to write your paper.

Forge ahead with your written attempt without paying a lot of attention to the details of spelling and word choice. You will most likely do several revisions cleaning that stuff up later. What you want to concentrate on is getting the ideas that you want to present down in logical order. Try to write in your own natural style using your own words. Your goal is a readable first draft that resembles the flow of the outline and fleshes it out and completes it. Then you can read through it looking for ways to say things more coherently and also looking for things you may have omitted. At some point you will want to use your spell checker on your word processor to check for spelling and grammar. It is also permissible to ask fellow students to read your work and ask them for comments.

Once you have revised your draft and are happy with your work, done everything you can to check for grammar, punctuation and spelling and feel like you can't make it any better, you are ready to print the final document and prepare to turn it in. Always keep a copy of any writing assignment for your own files in case the original gets lost or misplaced after you turn it in. If the professor has asked for a cover page or for it to be turned in with a cover or binder on it, make sure you follow instructions. Writing projects are usually sizeable chunks of semester grades. Determine that the final document you turn in represents your best possible work presented in the cleanest and best possible manner. Be a better student. Take pride in what you produce.

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