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Mindset...This IS About You!

Once you have completed your self-assessment project you should have a better understanding of what you can do to prepare to make yourself a better student. Noted collegiate basketball coach Bobby Knight says that "the desire to win is not nearly as important as the desire to prepare to win." All of the self examination outlined thus far should have given you some idea of the things that you can start to work on to make you not only a better student, but a more confident and healthy individual. As you implement these changes in your lifestyle, you should gradually see changes and improvement in many other areas of your life as well. Many of the keys to becoming a better student are also keys that make you a more whole and complete person, resulting in a more complete and happier you.

Perhaps you have determined that you are going to start by having an eye exam, starting a regular walking or jogging program and getting some counsel on improving your reading skills. In addition, as you go through the course of the upcoming days you are going to be more aware of the foods you put in your body and when you do it. This is a good start. These steps will be important ones. But you must maintain their priority and their importance to you in order to be successful.

You now have to develop a mindset that will allow you to be firm with yourself on these priorities as we proceed. As you progress through this website you will be presented with suggestions as to how to help yourself stay with the program and see it through. One good way to get started successfully is to find a partner to team up with as you proceed: Someone who needs to take these steps for their own benefit and who has reached that realization can be a big help in encouraging you to maintain your own program. You can update and encourage each other and try to keep each other in line and moving ahead. It doesn't mean you have to do everything together. It just means that the two of you make yourselves accountable to each other and encourage each other. Hooking up for lunch or a break each day can be a way to stay on track with the nutrition plans you have if both of you have that aspect as one you want to improve.

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