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Meals and Exercise...Ahhh...Finally!

After you scheduled your study periods in on your weekly schedule, you may have suddenly stopped and thought. "Holy cow! When am I gonna eat?" Most high school and college students tend to find the time to eat. They have a more substantial problem with what they eat.

This section is included not to remind you to eat, but to remind you of what you might consider eating based on your weekly schedule. Remember that nutrition has a place in overall condition and getting the body and brain in a position to learn efficiently. Your schedule may have forced you to take an early lunch or wait for a late lunch. Where you have a choice, opt for the early lunch. Get it done so you don't feel starved or hungry during the last part of a class period or study period. The key to eating to learn is to keep it on the light side. It is better to eat four light meals a day than to consume a huge meal at some point during the day which leaves you a short time later wanting for a nap.

Remember also, that you should have committed to one good balanced meal each day that includes protein and vegetables. You can do this at any part of the day that works for you. Including a salad at lunch is a good way to get your vegetables. You can have your good balanced meal at three pm if it works for you. Think outside the box!

In addition to your one good balanced meal each day, a good breakfast is essential. A cup of coffee is not a good breakfast. A cup of coffee and a doughnut is not a good breakfast. A bowl of cereal and cup of coffee is fine, assuming the cereal has some nutritional value and you don't pour a mountain of sugar on top of it. Try to hold down the fat in your breakfast. Biscuits with sausage and gravy contain a whole bunch of fat. It will slow down your progress. A bowl of cereal with a banana and a cup of coffee will serve you much better.

Thinking light on meals makes your breaks that much more important from a nutritional standpoint. An apple or orange stuck into your book bag or bought at the student center is a great way to assist your body to keep you moving.

Your schedule should have an exercise commitment in it several times per week. This is just a reminder. Do it.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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