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Looking Inward

The decision to become a better student is a decision that involves a call to action. In today's world where instant gratification is the expectation of the day, it is easy to see dedication to the cause start to wane as time passes and new distractions emerge to pull us away from our vision. So before getting started it is important to sit down and give some thought to where you are headed and what may be required to get there. Self-improvement resolutions are notorious for being short-lived affairs. You must decide whether you are serious about this idea of making a better student of yourself. Do you really want to become a better student? Or do you just wish you were a better student? Do you really want to be able to learn things faster and retain them better? Or do you just wish you could do those things?

This is the time for some honest assessment of yourself and your current condition. Whether you are a high school student, a college student or on a career path that involves a challenging job situation, this can be a decision and a commitment that can have a real impact on your quality of life and level of self-satisfaction for years to come. It can be the key to achieving future life goals. So take a good look at yourself and your outlook on life. Take a look at where you are and what you have been doing with yourself. Do you like what you see? Maybe there are some areas of your life that you are proud of, things that you have done well, and areas that you seem to have a handle on. That's good. But chances are that there are several areas that you haven't mastered. Like this study thing. Becoming a better student requires preparing yourself both physically and mentally for the challenge facing you.

In most cases, a student's lackluster performance in the academic area has less to do with intelligence and more to do with poor study habits. But poor study habits usually is just an indication of a larger collection of poor overall life habits. Improving study habits and getting better grades requires making small gradual changes in other parts of your life as well. It is a long term process that lets you take on small challenges in manageable portions that will gradually reward you with better and better results and increasing confidence and self esteem. The effort you invest will return handsome rewards. Let's get started!

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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