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Good Idea to Go to Class

In order to achieve your immediate goal of survival and then go on to master your learning process, there are two important rules that must be clearly in mind before we get to the actual class period. Those are: (1) Go to class, and (2) Prepare for class before you go. This simply means that if you expect to become a better student and have a better chance of getting a passing grade in the course, it is important that you be in class at the appropriate time each scheduled class day. In addition, if you know what is being covered in class that day, you should read over the assigned topic before your class. This gets you familiar with what to expect, shows you what areas are not clear to you and provides questions to get answered. It also saves you a good bit of note taking since you already know what is covered in the text and is reviewable there. You can concentrate your note taking on areas that were not covered in the text or that help answer the questions you had in mind. By utilizing part of a previous study period to prepare for class, you have given yourself a head start in leaving class with a much clearer understanding of the material that was covered.

Students who are serious about improving their learning skills do not sit at the back of the class room. You will find that professors understand this fact as well. You do not have to sit in the front row to be considered a good student. However, good students understand that they can generally absorb more information by sitting in the front half of the classroom because they can hear better and see better and other distractions within the class are minimized. Your mission is to become a better student. Make sure you choose a seat in the front half of the classroom. Doing this may seem like a trivial thing to you, but remember that we are dealing with a multitude of small changes in the way you have approached the learning process, that when taken together have a significant effect on the results you realize.

Making sure you attend every class and preparing for them before you go are two major musts that will allow you to make significant strides toward your goal of faster, more efficient learning.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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