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Nugget #1. Cafeterias and Rec Rooms are not good places to study. Study locations should be quiet and comfortable.

Nugget #2. A waste basket is a handy thing to have next to your study desk. Keep your notes revised and up to date and get rid of any old materials that you have since revised. Keep all trash out of your study materials.

Nugget #3. Get everything together that you will need at your study site. Keep things neat and clean and know where things are. When you finish your study period put everything where you know it will be when you need it and keep what you need in the same place whenever you are not using it. Study time is not meant to be spent searching for needed materials that you have misplaced somewhere.

Nugget #4. Don't plan to study right after you eat a meal. Take time to relax a little or take a leisurely stroll. Give your meal time to digest and then move around a bit so that you don't go to sleep as soon as you sit down to study. A good study period should start after you have done something else for thirty minutes to an hour. Then you can approach your studies.

Nugget #5. If you feel yourself going to sleep, or wanting to go to sleep, stop studying. You have a choice. You can close your eyes there in your chair and fold your arms and let your eyes have a rest and maybe even catch a five minute catnap there in your chair. Or, you may choose to take a break. Get up and walk around, wash your face, get a drink of water or soda, or even take a short walk. All these activities may help wake you up and let you go back to studying. One thing is sure. If you study while you are in a sleepy condition, you are spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere because the information you are looking at will not be retained.

Nugget #6. Plan to reward yourself when you accomplish something worthwhile. Let's say that you want to get a "B" or better on an upcoming exam in a course that has proved difficult for you. You commit to yourself to work hard to accomplish that goal and decide to reward yourself by allowing yourself the time and money to attend a concert that is very much to your liking if you accomplish your goal. This is a good strategy and often effective.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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