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Falling on Your Face!

So what happened? You made it through two days of your new schedule and then you screwed up and got all out of sync? You went to a concert and slept through classes the next morning and blew the whole day's schedule? Whatever. You will have scheduling and coordination problems from time to time. The key is not to let the first one throw you. Get back in the saddle and start down the road again. Just because you hit a few bumps is no reason to give up on the whole process. You have much to gain from what you are attempting to do. Expect some set-backs and take them in stride. This is part of what gaining maturity is all about. It has to do with how you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start on down the road. This type of occurrence, incidentally, is not something that goes away once you graduate from college. This, alas, is something that most of us deal with at various times all through our adult lives.

Once you realize that you have hit a snag you will want to take a few minutes when practical to do so to sit down and analyze what it was that got you off-schedule or off-priority. If a buddy from home showed up unannounced with two cold six-packs and four George Strait concert tickets and you folded your tent and accommodated him, then as soon as the fog lifts and you are able to address the situation you need to see how you can bump your study schedule a bit for a few days to make up the ground you lost to George and his tunes. You can do this! Then work on back in to your regular schedule.

While we are taking this short break to discuss a stumble or two it should be said that from time-to-time you also may find yourself capable of stumbling on an exam. It is not as likely to happen as it was before you started to get your act together, but it can happen. When it does happen it will most likely be due to misjudging the allotted study time, or poorly allotting the available study time or misjudging what material needed to be studied in depth or misjudging the style that the exam would take. In other words, it can likely be traced to "human error." That means something you likely omitted or minimized during your study periods versus a problem with your system. The remedy remains the same. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on the study wagon again, making any necessary changes in schedule that you may deem necessary. For instance, if you have been working too many hours and you paid for it with a poor exam grade, you have a schedule situation to address. Also, perhaps, a priority issue.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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