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Exam Day...How Lovely!

By now you should understand that the goal on exam day is to arrive at the test site with time to spare, rested and ready to take the exam and prepared with any pens, pencils, calculators or any other paraphernalia needed to complete the exam.

Once you are seated and the instructor passes out the tests, be alert for instructions and follow them to the letter. When you are given the word to begin, take a brief minute and scan through each page of the exam to see what is there, this way you will know what is coming and have some idea of how to budget your time. If there are written instructions take the time to carefully read and understand them. Make sure you understand how the test is going to be scored. If wrong answers carry penalties that cost you more points than leaving the answer blank, you will not want to guess at an answer unless you can narrow the clear choices to two.

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If your exam contains true or false questions or multiple choice questions read through each question in the order they are presented. Answer each question where the answer is obvious to you and skip the ones where you are not certain of the answer. It is better to move along and answer the questions you can and then come back to the ones you did not answer later. This gives you a better chance of completing the exam in the time allowed.

Look at true/false questions closely and try to pick out the significant word or group of words that makes a statement false. If any part of the statement is false, the answer must be false. Treat multiple choice questions in the same manner and cross out any obviously wrong answers. This will aid in narrowing down the choices and choosing the best answer.

Sometimes exams will contain a section of questions that ask you to provide a one-word answer or a short essay answer. Think about your words before you answer the question. If you have an idea of the answer but can't recall exactly what word or words you should use, do your best to answer the question. It is possible that you may be awarded partial credit instead of losing all of the credit on the question.

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