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Driving the Online Bus

The following valuable information comes from The Creative Guide to Research by Robin Rowland (Career Press, 2001)

  1. Well in advance of any assignment, become familiar with search engines and select four to use in your online research. Make sure one of the four is a meta-search engine, which searches other search engines. Suggestion: Meta - try Copernic; Others - Google, Hotbot, AltaVista, Northern Light
  2. Always use the meta engine first
  3. Becoming familiar with these sights before you actually have an assignment and learning their advanced capabilities will save you considerable time when you actually are scratching for information under time constraints. One way to help do that is to print out the FAQ sections for each search engine and put them in a loose leave binder creating your own manual.
  4. You may consider using a specialized engine i.e., Beaucoup, if you can't find what you want or have been deluged with information.
  5. Understand what Boolean searches are and how to use them.

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