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Developing Better Concentration Skills

For most of us, waning concentration at any particular time relates to two threats to our focus on the task at hand. First, there are probably things we would rather be doing and second, the distractions at hand. A noted management authority used to refer to these distractions as "the tyranny of the urgent." These would be things like our cell phone ringing, remembering that your car has a flat tire and you are going to have to put the spare on before going anywhere, the need to stop studying to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer so you have clean underwear tomorrow. Maybe your roommate needs to borrow ten bucks. Maybe the mail has just arrived and you are expecting a check from home. Maybe you were supposed to have paid for your tickets to the spring dance by today and you have got to find time to get it done. All of these things are distractions that require prompt attention, and particularly if you are in your room trying to study, are available. The temptation is to drop everything and address these things of lesser import. Virtually all of them could wait an hour or two to address until you finished your study period.

If you are having trouble concentrating or focusing during your study periods, go back and check the parameters that were presented earlier dealing with distractions and study environments and make sure you have addressed these areas effectively. If not, take immediate steps to do so.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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