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Determine to Be Successful

Once you understand where you are headed and what the cost is personally, and have looked at your mindset, it is time to proceed. It is time to determine to be successful. Determine that what you are doing is entering a training period that is every bit as important to your future as the training period for an Olympic athlete is for them. Actually, it is very appropriate to use that comparison and to think about what the Olympic athlete must do as they commence training for the games. That training, coincidentally, does not start a month or two before the games. Training for an Olympic Games starts years before the targeted games and involves significant lifestyle changes. It involves a mindset. It involves a determination to be successful. It demands denying oneself many things in order to achieve a conditioning and skill level that come as close as possible to the optimum level that the individual can accomplish. And it promises the potential to attain a degree of self-satisfaction and confidence that only a small percentage of the overall population will ever realize.

Demand something of yourself. It is the first step in making something of yourself. Many people stumble toward the future with fear and trembling, or at best, apprehension. Those who prepare themselves and challenge themselves move forward with more confidence and zest for living. Knowledge is power. Determine to have knowledge. Determine to be able to meet the future head-on and have the knowledge and confidence to make decisions without fear. Determine to be a good student.

The demands you make on yourself and the lifestyle changes you make to improve your learning need not be anywhere near as strict and consuming as an Olympic athlete. Most will be small gradual changes you will make as you progress and that you practice long enough and with enough dedication that they become habits. These newly acquired habits beget more new habits and each of these new habits you form makes their own little contribution to more effective learning and better grades. You can do this!

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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