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Current Reading Skills

Another item that needs careful consideration in your quest to improved study is your current reading speed and comprehension. Slow readers tend to be less productive students because they are more apt to read themselves to sleep when trying to read for long periods. If you suspect you are a slow reader or don't enjoy reading, improving this area could mean a huge boost in your learning capabilities. This is one project you will likely need help with. You may have had reading tests administered in school and you may have a good idea of your reading level. If you don't know, or know that you are weak in this area, talk to your counselor and tell him/her that you think you need to get this area evaluated and that you may need some help with a remedial reading course.

If you believe that reading faster with better comprehension could pay big dividends, you may want to investigate a commercial speed-reading course or counsel with some company like Sylvan who specializes in many learning areas. Reading with good speed and comprehension is an extremely important skill to master and can be an ongoing work-in-progress. Making this a priority activity over summer break and perhaps Christmas vacation can pay big dividends. How you read and understand what you read has a direct correlation on how fast you learn and how much you learn and what kind of grades you are able to bring home.

One other thing to consider if you are still undecided about whether you have the means and desire to suffer through what it make take to improve your reading skill level is this: Becoming a better and faster reader will allow you to enjoy reading more. People who enjoy reading just naturally learn more about more things. Therefore, they tend to score better on IQ tests than people who do not read or don't enjoy reading. Some techniques for good study reading, as opposed to reading for pleasure, will be presented and discussed later.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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