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Concentrate on These Morsels

Consider the following tidbits that may help to aid your developing ability to concentrate and focus more effectively:

  • Some students admit that they have trouble getting their mind to focus when they are studying. Thoughts come floating into their head from out of the blue about something all together different from what they are studying. In cases like this, some have found that it helps to keep a notepad or day timer handy separate from their notes. If they think of something they want to do or need to do or an idea occurs to them that they want to research later, they jot it down and have it saved so they have something to refer to later. This has a tendency to "empty" things in their mind that are interfering with their focus. You might give it a try.
  • You may want to start setting a clear goal for each study session as you sit down to work. Take a few minutes and determine that you are going to read twenty pages, or you are going to outline thirty pages, or you are going to complete a rough draft of a short essay paper due. This helps develop your focus and determination.
  • Not having all of your needed study materials at hand when you sit down to study is another form of distraction. Having to waste time looking for them or to get along without something you need hampers focus and concentration. Make sure you have what you need for each specific study period and that each period has a purpose.
  • If there is an important distraction that is weighing in heavily on your attention, it is usually best to go ahead and address it and get past it. Then get back to the books. There is a fine line in understanding what needs to be addressed immediately and which distractions can be addressed a little later. The best way to overcome these types of distractions is to study at the library with your cell phone turned off. When you do this you understand that virtually all of these types of distractions that were clamoring for your attention earlier have now been automatically postponed.
  • Remember that exercise is a good way to release excess stress and get refreshed. If you have a chance to schedule an exercise time after a study break or between study breaks, it may be a great stress reliever.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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