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A Word about Accepting Responsibility

It really is important that you feel motivated to do something. If we reduce things to the really base situation, it is your life you are dealing with here. At some point, you have to take responsibility for deciding what interests you. After all, you are a student. If you are a college student you are on campus pursuing something. While many freshman and sophomore students have little idea of what they want to major in and what course of study they want to pursue, they can still take the quest for knowledge seriously and realize that simply taking core courses and getting them out of the way will expose them to some areas of study that they will excel in more than others and find it easier to maintain interest. Part of college purports to do just that, to expose students to areas of study and activities they may not have experienced before in order to help them realize what really interests and excites them.

Part of becoming a responsible student is motivating oneself to become responsible enough with each course to pursue and acquire the assigned accumulated knowledge about it. Performing well on exams and learning course material requires some degree of genuine curiosity and interest on your part. Without that, recall of vast amounts of relatively complex information and concepts is not likely to occur. Students who enroll in college for all of the wonderful social aspects available and that cannot develop any real interest in learning and expanding their knowledge and academic experience are likely to be the first to drop out or flunk out. This isn't about going to college because your parents wanted you to or demanded it. This is about building a more complete, complex, interesting and capable you. It's ALL about you. You are responsible for the outcome.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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