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Study Notes Introduction

Sooner or later the realization hits one that studying is an essential element in achieving the lifestyle and self-satisfaction that we desire. The fortunate few recognize that early on and develop good study skills in high school which help them accumulate good grades and the opportunity to attend a college to their liking. Most young people are far too busy with other ambitions and give studies only the amount of time necessary to accomplish and learn what is necessary in any given class to get an acceptable grade.

A reasonably intelligent teen that has learned to read and write competently during the elementary grades can usually learn what is asked of them in high school today by being attentive in class and doing a relatively small amount of study outside of class. Term papers, special research projects and final semester exams are the main academic pressure points that challenge today's high school students. It is understandable, therefore, that when these same young people decide to continue their education and enroll at a college of their choice, they find out rather quickly that they are going to have to work harder at this study thing than they ever have before.

I. Before You Begin

  • Looking Inward
  • Physical Condition...Uh-Oh.
  • Nutrition...Really?
  • What About Your Eyes?
  • Current Reading Skills
  • Mindset...This IS About You!
  • A Word about Accepting Responsibility
  • Determine to Be Successful

    II. Designing a Plan

  • Setting a Basic Goal...Very Basic!
  • Schedule?...What Schedule?
  • Fine Tuning Your Plan
  • Your Weekly Schedule
  • Spending Disposable Time
  • Prioritizing Disposable Time
  • Your New Weekly Schedule

    III. Working Your Plan

  • The New Study Time Periods
  • The Study Environment
  • Tips on Your Study Environment
  • When to Study
  • Meals and Exercise...Ahhh...Finally!
  • Free Gold Nuggets of Help
  • Falling on Your Face!

    IV. What About Class Time?

  • Good Idea to Go to Class
  • Think During Class...Huh?
  • Know Your Professors
  • Taking Study Notes in Class
  • Shabby (but Effective) Shorthand Methods
  • Using Your Study Notes Effectively

    V. The Art of Effective Study

  • Reading Styles or Methods
  • Reading Speed
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Recalling What You Read
  • Recall Can Be Influenced
  • Developing Better Concentration Skills
  • Concentrate on These Morsels
  • The Fine Art of Skimming
  • Reading for Study
  • Moving on Through the Chapter
  • Key Thoughts, Concepts and Ideas
  • Reviewing the Chapter
  • Ever Notice that Text Books Have a Specific Order to Them?
  • Understanding the Evil of Technical Text Books
  • Exorcising the Evil in Technical Texts
  • The Organization of Novels
  • Get Understanding
  • When Do I Get a Break?
  • Using Flash Cards for Memory Work
  • Using Flash Cards for Review

    VI. Exam Time?...Already?!

  • Preparing for Exams
  • Before You Start Your Exam Review
  • Techniques to Aid Recall
  • Using Different Styles of Study
  • Mnemonic Devices
  • Still Want to Cram?
  • Overcoming Anxiety

    VII. Taking Exams

  • Exam Day...How Lovely!
  • A Closer Look at Multiple Choice Exams
  • Essay Exams are Challenging
  • Tips on Approaching the Essay Exam
  • Answering the Essay Questions
  • Open Book Exams/Take Home Exams
  • Still Battling with Anxiety Prior to Exams?
  • Unusual Anxiety Levels and Further Remedies

    VIII. Navigating the Library (After You Have Found the Building)

  • Good Things to Remember
  • Now the Nitty-Gritty!
  • Understanding the Dewey
  • The Library of Congress System

    IX. Researching Online

  • Beware the Vast Information Universe!
  • Driving the Online Bus
  • Other Things to Remember Online
  • X. Writing Term Papers and Reports

  • Seven Set in Stone Commandments on Research Papers
  • Prepare a Plan for Completing Your Project and WORK YOUR PLAN!
  • Think it Through!
  • Selecting a Topic and Doing the Research
  • Making the Card Meaningful
  • Recording the Information You Want to Use
  • Thesis? What's a Thesis?
  • Research Aids Vocabulary Building
  • Moving Toward the Detailed Outline and the Written Work
  • The Detailed Outline
  • And Now...The First Draft!
  • Forge Ahead!
  • Documentation...or, "I Don't Need No Stinkin' Footnote!"
  • Check Punctuation Closely
  • Draft Number Two...(It Gets Better!)
  • Next Step...Review Draft Two, Do Bibliography and Print

    XI. A Speech!...I Can't Give a Speech!

  • Oh, But You Can!
  • Choose a Topic...
  • Two words: Research and Practice
  • The Delivery

    XII. Seek Help When Needed

  • Do Something!
  • The Role of Your Advisor
  • Tutors and Study Assistance

    XIII. Now What?

  • Print It Out!
  • It's Your Life!
  • Your Summer Assignment

  • The fact that you have found your way to this website indicates that you may be interested in finding a way to develop an overall system of learning and a personal philosophy for study that will allow you to be successful in whatever type of study looms before you. The principles and ideas presented here are meant to be general study helps that can be applied whether you are a high school student wishing to improve learning skills and prepare for college, a college student needing help in attacking the load of work facing you, or an employee needing to improve study habits to improve or excel on the job and prepare for advancement.

    For many people, the realization that they are woefully unprepared to master the learning challenges before them brings on an overwhelming paralysis that must be overcome. For those who see the challenge looming in the distance, procrastination has a way of rearing its ugly head and imploring them to put off getting to work and finding ways to learn faster and more effectively. You have taken that first step. It's time to get to work. Improving one's ability to learn and to learn faster requires a commitment to a long on-going process and most likely changing the way that many seemingly little things are done that will eventually result in very meaningful results. Are you ready for it?

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